Michael Kuka Biography

Michael Kuka

Michael has been in the dance world as a working professional for over thirty years.

Michael is a former competitive Ballroom and Latin dancer who has competed all over the United States and Canada.

His ballroom career began at an Arthur Murray in Milwaukee, and then took off like a rocket. Michael became an instructor and then a phenomenally successful professional competitor.

He eventually transferred to the Arthur Murray in Beverly Hills, and was awarded Top Teacher for the entire nationwide Arthur Murray franchise.

Some of his extraordinary titles include:

  • Rising Star Champion, Smooth and Rhythm, Ohio Star Ball
  • Professional Grand Finalist, U.S. Cabaret Championship
  • Professional Smooth and Rhythm Champion, Great Lakes Ballroom Championship
  • Finalist, United States Ballroom Competition, New York
  • Chicago Harvest Moon Ball – Champions Smooth and Rhythm
  • Minnesota Aquatenial Smooth and Rhythm Champions
  • California Star Ball Rhythm and Smooth Champions
  • California Star Ball Rhythm Champions
  • Texas Challenge “Rising Star” Smooth and Rhythm Champions
  • LeClasique Rising Star Smooth Champions
  • Le Clasique Cabaret Champions
  • Emerald Ball Rising Star Smooth and Rhythm Champions
  • Embassy Ball Rising Star Smooth and Rhythm Champions

Michael has also had a thriving career in the entertainment world as a dancer and performer. He and Natalia are renowned ballroom entertainers (link) who are in great demand throughout the industry. Here are just a few of Michael’s entertainment credits:


  • Poseidon (Warner Bros.) – Principal Dancer
  • Otherwise Engaged (studio? TV network?) – Dancer
  • Strong Medicine (NBC-TV) – Asst. Choreographer/Dancer
  • Mrs. Harris (HBO) – Dancer
  • First Daughter (New Regency) – Dancer
  • Pirates of the Caribbean (Disney) – Dancer
  • Blind Date (UPN-TV) – Actor/Dance Teacher
  • Extreme Dating (UPN-TV) – Actor/Dance Teacher
  • Will and Grace (NBC-TV) – Asst. Choreographer
  • Triple Threat (Imagine Pictures) – Dancer
  • Dance With Me (Sony Pictures) – Dancer
  • Forever Tango (Julio Iglesias , Music Video) – Dancer
  • Professor Trance (Island Records, Music Video) – Dancer
  • Michelle Kwan, Salute to Disney (ABC) – Dancer
  • “Wasteland” (ABC-TV) – Dancer
  • The Young and the Restless (CBS-TV) – Dancer

Dance Performance

  • The Live Lawrence Welk Tour (Rocklands Entertainment) – Dancer/Singer
  • That’s Dancing (Crystal Cruise Lines) – Ballroom Dancer
  • Tango Fiesta (Wilshire Theatre) – Tango Dancer
  • Latin Fantasy (Warner Bros. Fall 2002 Launch Party) – Dancer