Why Choose Us?

At Ballroom Dance Academy, we believe in supporting our students’ goals at every stage of their dance education. We offer Los Angeles premier ballroom and Latin dance classes for dancers of all levels. We are committed to our students and look forward to every lesson.

Why Choose Michael and Natalia for Dance Lessons?Whether you are an absolute beginner or have been dancing for years, we know we can make your dancing shine, and we look forward to joining you on this wonderful journey.

Here are some of the reasons why our program is unique:

  1. We are experienced, supportive, and dynamic teachers.
    Michael and Natalia have over 30 years of experience as professional dancers and teachers. They know how to work with students with a wide variety of learning styles, and they have developed a teaching method that involves much more than just learning the steps. Michael and Natalia will help you understand the character and spirit of every dance you will be learning.
    You will learn to dance with excellent technique, but you will also learn to dance in a way that engages your heart, your mind, and your soul. At Ballroom Dance Academy, you can become the dancer of your dreams.
  2. We teach using the DVIDA Medal System and Syllabus.
    We insist on the highest standards of professional excellence and follow the DVIDA syllabus (www.prodvida.com) and Medal system. This allows our students to progress in a systematic fashion using a nationally recognized dance syllabus. This syllabus comes with tremendous supportive materials, including DVDs of champion dancers doing the same dance figures our students will be learning in their classes.
    The DVIDA syllabus is widely becoming the gold standard in the professional world of ballroom dancing. With this foundation, our students can compete in national DanceSport competitions and can even go on to become professional dance instructors themselves. The sky is the limit!
  3. We are professional entertainers and our classes are fun!
    Michael and Natalia have performed and choreographed top level ballroom performances for major Hollywood productions and events. They are terrific entertainers and it is very exciting to watch them dance. They know how to conduct a group class so their students have fun while they are learning. Everyone leaves with a smile on their face.