Types of Dance Classes

Our Los Angeles dance classes break down into 3 major groups:

1. Group Dance Classes

Basically, these beginner to intermediate group dance classes are taken with others, in a studio location. There could be any number of people there, from 6 to 25.

At Ballroom Dance Academy, we offer a variety of group classes to support our dancers at all stages of the learning process. Our classes are friendly, fun and supportive. You’ll be meeting new friends while you master new dance figures and patterns.

All of our Ballroom and Latin classes use the internationally recognized DVIDA Syllabus. We follow the Medal System, which is an ordered progression through the dance levels from Bronze (beginning) through Silver (Intermediate) and the Gold (Advanced) and beyond. Each level is a 4 week series and each class is 45 minutes long. There are DVDs available of all the figures you’ll be learning in class so you can practice and review at home.

We are committed to helping all of our students achieve their dance goals, and our group classes are an integral part of that process. Here is a description of the different group classes we offer:

Read More on Each Series:

The Salsa Series The Master Class Series

2.Teacher Training

Become a Teacher, Learn to Teach DanceThinking about becoming a Dance Teacher? Anyone can do it – you just have to know how. Teaching dance is a career option for everyone!

Even if you have little or no prior dance experience, we will teach you everything you need to know for a successful career as a ballroom dance teacher.

3. Private Lessons

Private Dance LessonsOf course, we can teach you one-on-one to be an incredible dancer. Progress is rapid. Private dance lessons will transform your dancing.

They are essential for anyone who is serious about his or her dancing. They are also a wonderful tool to support what you are learning in your group classes.

4. Wedding Preparation

Wedding PreparationGetting married? Look like a Superstar at your wedding! We have years of experience helping wedding couples prepare for their big day.

We will choreograph a special number to the song you select, and then teach you to dance with grace and musicality. Even if you’ve never danced before, we’ll have you dancing like the stars on your wedding day!