Ballroom Basics

Ballroom Basics Class in Los Angeles

Our Goal: To teach the basics of the most popular ballroom dances in a fun and easy manner using an inter related system of teaching.

  • Fun way to meet people and get exercise at the same time.
  • Develop a skill you can use for the rest of your life
  • Increase confidence in social situations. Overcome shyness
  • Acquire more grace and poise. Better balance. Improve posture.
  • Become happier, refreshed and relaxed.
  • Relieves stress, improves overall health.

Learn the basics in:

Cha Cha

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Dancing is the first line of social activity. Good dancing is a lifetime investment in fun, poise, confidence, improved personality and new friends. It is also a superb physical conditioner, providing fun without extreme effort. Learning to dance will open up a wonderful new world of togetherness and a thriving year-round social calendar.


Every Tuesday 8:15 to 9:45pm Level I

Where are Classes?

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