Group Dance Lessons – The Master Class Series

The Master Class Series Dance Lessons

Getting good at dance? Want to take test your skills to the limit? Don’t miss out! Master Classes are for you!

Choose Your Option…

We offer Master and Specialty dance lessons on Sundays to our more experienced dancers. Some of our classes are taught at the Gold and Open Gold level, while others may introduce an International Style dance at the Bronze level. Each month we focus on two dances for all four weeks. You’ll learn technique, fancy figures, styling, and exercises to add the polish and sparkle to your advanced level dancing.

This series is invite only, and will hone your skills to greater perfection. Each month we take on a new Ballroom or Latin dance, and focus on those dances. As stated before, if you’re just beginning, it’s good to introduce yourself to many types of dances, but in the Master Series, those fundamentals have been completed and you’re focusing in on the nuances of each specific type of dance.

These are tough classes; call us before signing up!

  • 11: 00 am – 12:30 pm
    “DANCE LIKE A PRO” > Dance students and teachers alike need constant technical training . This class will focus on the details of footwork, foot placement, timing, body action, and transitional movements needed to execute dance elements and patterns.

    If you planing on participating in the choreography seminars, this hour and a half is a MUST for sharpening your skills and helping you prepare for performance.

    If you are simply coming for the first time, you will be learning fun variations while addressing fundamental techniques of Ballroom and Latin dance.

  • 12: 30 pm – 2:00 pm
    “PERFORMANCE MASTER CLASS” the show choreography at the professional level and get an opportunity to perform with “BDA Performance Ensemble”. (Teacher permission required to enroll – just ask us!)