Group Dance Lessons – The Salsa Series

Salsa Dance Lessons in Los Angeles

“Michael teaches the steps so that you “get it”. You’re never in class feeling like you don’t know what’s going on. He teaches in a way so that you not only can understand in class, but you can take what you’ve learned and dance anywhere with anyone. And I have. I am now able to go to Salsa clubs all over the city and dance dance dance!” -Selene

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Our ultimate goal is for Salsa to become a part of you, so that your feet will express the music of your heart. All of our classes are four-week series (they meet for four consecutive weeks) and are 45 minutes long.

We believe in supporting our students’ goals at every stage of their dance lesson education. We offer Los Angeles’ premier Ballroom and Latin dance classes for dancers of all levels. We are committed to our students and look forward to every lesson.

Salsa is an incredibly popular, dynamic and exuberant dance that expresses the rhythm and joy of its distinctive Afro-Cuban music. There is sizzling Salsa dancing in clubs all over LA every night of the week.

Tuesday night is Salsa Night at Ballroom Dance Academy and we have a progressive series of fun and informative classes for everyone from beginners to experienced Salsa pros. Our teaching goes far beyond just giving you a series of patterns to memorize. We teach you about the music, the rhythms, and the organic and spontaneous character of this joyful dance.

Salsa Class Descriptions – Every Tuesday Night!

Tuesday night is Salsa night at Ballroom Dance Academy, and the dance floor is sizzling! We love to Salsa and we love to teach people this earthy, exciting, evolving style of dance. We offer progressive classes for all dance levels, from drop-in beginners to invitation-only advanced Salseros and Salseras. We believe that Salsa dancing is much more than memorizing a series of patterns and shines. True Salsa dancing involves inhabiting the music from the inside out. So start listening to those timbales and get yourself down to our classes!

  • 7:15 ~ 8:00pm: Level 3 Advanced: This fast-paced class will teach you the hottest, most original moves you’ll see in Salsa clubs every week. We’ll teach you flashy turn patterns, hot styling and dynamic techniques to make your Salsa really sizzle. This class is for seasoned Salsa dancers only; instructor permission is a prerequisite.
  • 8:00 ~ 8:45 pm: Level 2 Intermediate: You should take this class after you feel comfortable with the figures in the Level 1 class. We’ll focus more on double turns, faster tempos, and complex partnering skills. You’ll begin to learn to create your own patterns and to interpret the music creatively.We teach different steps each month, so you can stay in this class for as long as you’d like!
  • 8:45 ~ 9:30 pm: Level 1 Beginner: This is the class for you if you are new to Salsa dancing. We’ll teach you the fundamentals of the music, the styling, and the basic steps.
  • 9:30 ~ 10:15 pm: Salsa Practice: This class provides a chance to practice the moves that you have learned or just free style in a club-like atmosphere. Free to students that participated in Salsa classes at BDA that night.

Where are Classes?

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