Wedding Dance Lessons

Wedding Dance Lessons in Los Angeles

We specialize in weddings, and we love to work with wedding couples!

We have years of experience helping wedding couples prepare for your big day. We will choreograph a special number to the song you select, and then teach you to dance with grace and musicality.

Even if you’ve never danced before, we’ll have you dancing like the stars on your wedding day!

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We have special packages for couples preparing for their first dance, as well as packages for your extended family and your wedding party. We can even come to your wedding and teach your guests to Waltz, or to Salsa, or to Swing, or to Hustle – or to do all four!

Wedding Shots

What Our Other Wedding Couples Have Said:

Desiree & Jamal

Dear Natalia, Everyone LOVED our dance! Even the DJ said he had to call his girlfriend afterwards and tell her it was the best dance he has ever seen at a wedding. Right after we were done he said on the mic, “Desiree & Jamal will definitely NOT be voted off tonight!”
Thanks again! – Desiree & Jamal

Tim & Lisa

As featured in Wedding MagazineNatalia, Lisa and I wanted to thank you once again for our beautiful wedding memory of our dance, and for all the work you’ve continued to do with us this year. Lisa was always a dancer, but I never was, so you have helped me to give her this gift of a husband who can dance. I love our weekly lessons with you, even when we are struggling. It is the time I most look forward to every week. So, we love you and we honor you and we wish the best for you this holiday season, in the New Year, and for many years and lessons to come. – Tim & Lisa

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