Philosophy of Wedding Instruction

Quality, Not Quantity

Sure, everyone wants to learn how to dance like an expert when the big day comes.

But we also believe that it is important that the quality of your dancing captivates your wedding audience. Trying to dance too many moves will give you the same result as not taking lessons at all. Our goal is to develop your natural ease at the choreography we build together for the big day. And that means quality, not quantity of moves, is most important.

Many couples accomplish the elegant basic moves in just 5 lessons. At that time you can make a decision to hone what you’ve learned already, or try just a little more of the advanced stuff!

If you already have dance experience, we’ll focus more on the choreography that will show you off! Remember that romance, not complicated moves, is what you want to convey to your captivated audience. They will remember you, if you dance your dance well.