Free Videos – Ballroom & Latin Dancing

Introduction to Free Dance Videos for Ballroom & Latin Dancing

Hi there, everyone! Michael and Natalia here. Below you will find both instructional videos as well as some of our performances on both national and international dancing competitions.

Our focus now is to create the best instructional videos we can to include here as free content. If you are interested in our dancing principles and abilities, and would like to help us create great content, feel free to contact us for more information.

Demo Reel: Michael Kuka and Natalia Lind, Ballroom Dance Academy

Michael Kuka and Natalia Lind.

Go to MySpace for this video and others.

Instructional Videos – Salsa


For now, we have 20 great instructional videos on basic to intermediate Salsa moves on VideoJug.com. We will add more dances as we develop them to video!

More Videos

Here is an index of additional videos:

Video: La Boheme Video: Ballroom Entertainment
La Boheme: This video shows both this dance and our studio (see how roomy it is!) Ballroom Show: What we can do for you! From two dancers to a room full of professionals, we’re here to entertain you.